Linux specialists

OSNZ is focused on providing the best enterprise Linux support and consulting in New Zealand.

No matter what flavour of Linux you want or need, we can help you design, install, configure and support it. We have certifications in RedHat and Suse and are experts in Debian and Debian based distributions such as Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

Debian RedHat Ubuntu Suse CentOS Linux Mint Fedora

Customised to your needs

From firewalls to desktops to databases, we can build a secure, reliable solution for you. We are able to draw on hundreds of projects from around the world and the nature of Open Source software means we can glue them together in an almost limitless number of ways.

No matter your requirements, OSNZ can build a solution to provide what you need at the best price possible.

Monitoring and on call support

OSNZ can provide business hours or 24x7 maintenance and support for your critical infrastructure.

Utilising Zabbix, we can provide 24x7 monitoring and historical graphing of your services and server health. Monitored services can produce alarms to either your I.T. staff or to an OSNZ on call engineer as required.

Regardless of your platform choice, Linux, Windows or otherwise, we can monitor its health and alert failures by email, SMS or pager.

Online services

More and more companies are forgoing maintaining their own internal infrastructure and using managed online services instead. Predominantly Google services such as Business GMail, Google Calendar and Google Docs.

If you're considering using an online service we can tell you how and help you migrate.

The cloud

We have extensive experience building private and hybrid cloud infrastructures based on open source technologies. Xen, Linux KVM, Eucalyptus and Open Stack; We're also AWS certified. Whatever your cloud goals we can help you achieve them.