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If you have Linux infrastructure or are considering one, we can help you throughout its life cycle. From initial design to proof of concept and production deployment. Once you're up and running we can continue to monitor, maintain and patch on an ongoing basis.

We can also provide audit capabilities to review and document the security and resiliency of your environment.

If you lack resiliency we can work with you to add redundancy or reduce your hardware dependency by implementing virtualisation.



24x7 Host and service monitoring with SMS alerting paired with historical graphing for capacity planning and trend analysis is the best way to ensure your kit is running and running at it's best.

Utilising Nagios, the worlds best and most powerful open source monitoring platform, and Cacti, a mature and flexible open source graphing engine, we can provide alerting and instrumentation either from our in-house platform, or we can build you a customised solution.

Either paging to your staff or to ours, knowing about a problem early reduces downtime and helps diagnose the root cause.

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Managed firewalls

Linux based firewalls offer stability, reliability and a huge range of features. OSNZ can build a solution to fit your specific needs, be it one site or many, and manage and maintain it so you don't have to worry.

Whether it's a simple single interface ADSL border router, or a multi-interface core firewall with VPNs, VLANs, traffic accounting and more, we can do it.

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Google Migration

Migration to Google cloud services

The appeal of cloud services for small business is undeniable, why run your own infrastructure with the associated costs and maintenance headaches when for mere dollars per year you can have full featured mail, calendaring, collaboration and more.

We can help you move from your exchange or ISP based solution to Google services, pain free!