You've built your service infrastructure and it's running fine, right? But how do you know?

Do you simply wait till users complain about a problem and then track down the cause?

Wouldn't it be better to actively interrogate your servers vital statistics and alert you when something's "out of whack"?

We can set up monitoring for any device be it Windows, Linux, Network appliances; anything connected to your network.

Nagios Logo


Nagios is the worlds best open source monitoring platform. It's lightweight, powerful and free.

Nagios can monitor and alert on almost anything, for example:

Service DetailTactical OverviewStatus Map

Once a problem is detected, Nagios can alert the appropriate people in a number of ways and handle escalations should the problem remain unresolved.

Cacti Logo


Having a historical record of the state of your servers can be an invaluable tool when diagnosing a problem. Cacti automates the collection and display of all your equipments vital statistics.

Cacti can graph anything that can be expressed as a number, for example:

Cacti Graphs

Cacti keeps a rolling database of data for over 1 year, making trend analysis a breeze.

In House or Outsourced

OSNZ can provide monitoring services remotely from our own platform, or build a customised solution for you.

In House

A monitoring solution can be deployed in almost any environment, physical or virtual, and because Nagios and Cacti are lightweight they can be deployed on any hardware.




OSNZ can monitor your environment remotely from our own platform



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